Paella Productions



The Director Salva Ferrando accepted the challenge from Paella Productions to create a fresh, cool and summertime video around the most beautiful corners of Valencia & Alicante (Spain).

Now, you can understand who we are, what we do, where to work, our behavior, locations…

Director & DP: Salva Ferrando

A. Director: Felix Duart

Camera Op.: Murathan Varol, Gokhan Özdemir

Drone Camera: Fran Moral

Original Music: Amir Rahimzadeh

Edition: Gokhan Özdemir, Salva Ferrando

Graphics: Korcan Atalay

Main Actors: Engin Baykal, Andres Ferrando, Lucia Vilela, Veronica Esparza

Producer: Fran Moral

Production Ass.: Alberto Cabanes

Spain. June, 2014